The advantages of fine frequency converters

The frequency converter has been recognized as one of the most ideal and most promising way of speed control, the use of general frequency converter constitute the main purpose of variable frequency drive system, one is to meet the improvement of labor productivity, improve Product quality, improve the degree of automation equipment, improve quality of life and improve the living environment and other requirements; the second is to save energy and reduce production costs. Users according to their actual process requirements and the use of occasions to choose different types of frequency converter.

Proper selection of general-purpose frequency converter for the normal operation of the transmission control system is very critical, first of all to clear the purpose of using a general-purpose inverter, according to the type of production machinery, speed range, speed response and control accuracy, starting torque requirements , Fully understand the load characteristics driven by the inverter, decide what function of the general inverter to form a control system, and then decide which control mode is most appropriate. The general purpose inverter should be used to meet the requirements of the production process, but also in the technical and economic indicators on the reasonable.

If the general inverter selection, system design and improper use, often make the same inverter can not run properly, fail to achieve the desired target, and even lead to equipment failure, resulting in unnecessary losses. In addition, in order to ensure long-term reliable operation of the general-purpose inverter, the connection of the inverter ground is also very important.

1, the function and use of the inverter

Inverter and AC motor constitute the adjustable speed drive called the drive, its function is as follows. Which may be associated with each other, in fact, no clear classification, see the table below, for reference only.